Kid Magnet Method

Balloons and Face Painting have a way of drawing a crowd.  Do you have a park or common gathering place in your community?  Your church leaders and church family will join us at this park with information about your church and Jesus Christ.  Once we begin doing balloons and face painting, children and their parents will flock to us, forming a line and waiting their turn for up to 30 minutes.  This is your opportunity to engage the waiting families in conversation. Introduce yourself, give them information about your church, and invite them to an upcoming event or church service.  Get more bang for your buck by giving away free bottles of water or bags of chips, cookies, etc.  This is essentially a "Spread the Word" type of event.  You want to let the families in your target area know that the church is there for them, and give them faces to identify with.  The proper well-trafficked location is essential for this style outreach.  Some communities may require you to get permission to do this.

The Bait and Reel Method

This method is simple and easy to put together.  If your church already has a program in place that draws children and families onto your property (or you want to start one), you can use our services to enhance that draw and give yourself more opportunities for conversation with your guests.  For example, do you already do a Trunk or Treat or an Easter Egg Hunt?  If you would like to increase your event's attendance, creating and distributing flyers about the event, including Balloon Twisting and Face Painting, will be sure to bring more guests onto your property.  Don't waste this opportunity. You will have families waiting in line for up to 30 minutes to receive their balloon or painting (and often both), which gives you a fantastic chance to engage them in conversation, have them watch a video strategically positioned, and give them literature about your regular services and ministries.  Make it even more profitable by having a drawing for a few VERY nice prizes.  Each family or child will fill out an entry form (Names, address, phone number, email), which will give you the opportunity to get a count of who came and do some great follow-up work with the information!

The VBS Incentive Method

Schedule us to come on the final day of your VBS program, and use the incentive all week for the kids to attend every day, bring visitors, and even memorize verses.  There are a number of ways to do this, including earning tickets to use for games, prizes, balloons and painting at the special event.  Once we have finished developing it, you may desire to include our comedy gospel show in your closing program.

The Friends, Food, and Fun Method

Spice up the standard "Friends Day" with a little something extra.  Promote the balloons and face painting on the invitations that you give your people to pass out.  The extra special opportunity for their kids to enjoy might just be the tipping point to persuade parents to finally attend church with your member.  Once there, they will hear a great gospel sermon from you, and then enjoy a meal followed by fun for the kids.  The extended length of this program will give many opportunities for your people to engage the visitors and make them feel welcome. It will give the visitors a chance to grow accustomed to your facility, and see their children enjoying themselves in a safe environment.  Be sure to have gifts ready for your guests, along with information about your services and ministries. We strongly encourage some carefully structured kids games after the meal, and while they are waiting, to keep the kids in check.  We are working to develop a comedy gospel show using balloons and silly magic that may be incorporated into this type of event in the future.  Seriously consider doing the prize drawing method with this type of event as well.  (See the Bait and Reel Method)

Community Captive Audience Method

This is a fantastic option for those of you that have a community event where your church is able to set up a booth (probably for free) and get lots of traffic by your table.  The trouble with these, is that people rarely stop at church tables - especially un-churched people.  But if you invite us to come and do balloons and/or face painting in your booth, you are almost guaranteed to have a line of people as a captive audience.  Use this time do another prize drawing using follow-up information forms, hand out literature, and just talk to the people of your community.  This is an excellent way to get the word out about your ministry, and the community is footing most of the bill for the publicity.  


Note:  Some communities have policies against balloons on their property, and some will also restrict what you can give away for free at your booth - especially if there is another balloon artist or face painter at the event.  There may be ways to work around this though, so let's work together to make it happen.

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