What We Believe:

It is very important that we be sure our doctrines line-up before we team-up.  Please carefully read our simple statement of faith, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.  Thank you.


God's Word

We believe that the Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit and is 100% true and protected to this day by God himself.  It is the standard and instruction for every thing in life.


God's Person

We believe that God is one being, while being three individual persons - called the Triune God. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, God's Son, is eternally present with God, and was born as a human on earth through the virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit.  He is 100% Man and 100% God.


Man's Sin

We believe that every human has been born in sin since Adam, the first man, chose to disobey God.  This sin seperates us from God, and automatically condemns every human to eternal death in hell.



We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, God himself, died to pay the penalty for our sins.  That he was buried for three days and nights.  Then Christ rose from the dead, conquering sin and death finally for anyone who places their faith in His God-hood, death, burial, and resurrection.  Every person who places their faith in Christ's work on the cross is made right with God, and becomes a new creature free from the bondage of sin.  All who truly believe in him are forever secure in their salvation and can do nothing to lose it.








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